We need core centered Leaders

As a functional society, we are always in need of leaders that can move us in unison to become a better group of people. As I survey the landscape of where we currently are as a nation, it is obvious that this is the most critical time in my life that I have witnessed a complete void in true leadership. It alarms me when I see how divided we have allowed ourselves to become. This division that is being created seems to be accelerating at an alarming pace as many now fail to honor the basic principles upon which this nation was established. The idea of liberty and freedom are under direct attack by a group of charlatans who are intent upon the creation of complete and total group think. This group think fails to honor the differences within this nation and pits one group against another.

In my life, I have had the opportunity to visit other parts of this world. At the end of each of these trips, I am always thankful to have experienced a different culture with their different customs. It has allowed my to fully understand that people are all uniquely created to live this life and it is in this individual unique creation that each of us has been blessed with that allows us as individuals to mark our path within this world. Each individual diverse journey that one’s life affords them is what allows us to create our own impact into this world. Through a study of history, we see those leaders who have been able to utilize their unique creation for the good as well as those who have utilized their unique creation for the bad.

As I observe where this nation is currently moving, I see large groups of people who have allowed themselves to be placed within their own silos of groupthink. These silos become problematic when one no longer is willing to listen to what is being said from someone else who has chosen to reside in their own silo. We have become a nation that is consumed with politicians and it is the goal of a politician to continue to fertilize the ground of dissent as they offer no real solutions. Their only goal is the attainment of power by the creation of false narratives that only the opinions of those within their silo matter. I have had enough of politicians and how they are attempting to destroy the very principles of what this nation represents. No side is immune from this silo mentality as we are rapidly becoming a nation intent upon destroying our perceived enemy.

I discovered years ago those things that matter the most to me in my life. I refer to them as my core principles. I have built my life upon those principles though the relationships I have with my wife, my children, friends, associates and anyone that I am able to reach. Those core principles are what I stand firmly upon and they are what enable to me to view this world. When our core is strong, we are a true leader within our given sphere. When our core is weak, we are easily swayed into believing something that is not in alignment with who we were individually created to become. I very much enjoy exercise and challenging myself with new activities. This is only possible when I make certain that the physical core of my body is solid and strong as the physical core of my body supports me in attempting to perform something new. As I have developed my core values and principles in life, it has allowed me to create a willingness and openness to actively listen to others and to give honor to their uniqueness.

Active listening is something that is in short supply currently. The art to active listening is most effective when we really know our core values. We can enter this art by determining if what is being said conflicts with a core value. As I have built up my core values, there are those beliefs that are integral into who I am a man and as a person. I am unwilling to negotiate upon certain held beliefs, however, in knowing my true core values if what is being said is not in conflict with a core value that I hold than I am ready to actively listen to what is being said in an attempt to understand and to honor our differences.

I believe that we have a segment within our society that is unwilling to listen as they just simply want to be part of a group. They believe that the silo they reside is what gives them community, but the reality is that it only creates enslavement. When a group is in lock stop, there can never be individuality. In the ancient world, the nation of Israel was held captive by the idea of groupthink. As they were held captive, they were forced to construct bricks. Each brick that was constructed represented sameness and unity and it was in this sameness and unity that they were held captive. It was not until a true leader who gone through the process of discovering his true core that the nation of Israel was able to understand that they were all uniquely created. Upon their movement away from enslavement, their initial act was to create an altar in which to express gratitude. This altar was no constructed with uniform bricks but rather it was constructed with individual stones. Each stone that was used was unique as no stone was like another. This altar represented the diverseness that existed within the nation of Israel.

My challenge to those who are unwilling to honor our differences that we have in this great nation is understand what their true core values are and be willing to develop the art of active listening. Those who are willing to do this are those who will set themselves apart as true leaders. True leaders who exercise core value leadership are attractive to those who are seeking to find someone who is principled. These are the people who will create true impact in this nation and make their voice one of significance. Leaders who are significant are leaders whose impact will extend to the next generation and possibly beyond.

As a nation in 2019, we need to rid ourselves of the charlatan politicians who have no interest in uniting us and look towards the true stateman leader who is able to bring us back together through the honor and respect of those who may think and act differently. When we begin to discover the true core principles of our beliefs, we are quicker to recognize this true statesman. Building our core principle beliefs says our love for our neighbor is greater than the hate we may have for our enemy. Too many are willing to be led by the hate in their heart rather than the love they have for others. It is love that is the thread that binds. True love for others is best realized when our lives are built upon our core.



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