The Decency of Giving

Rob Fenstermaker
4 min readJan 2, 2022


The act of giving is what has always defined us as a great nation. We in this country have shown a willingness throughout our history of giving. There is an adage that states to whom much is given, much is expected. I have had the opportunity in my life to travel to other parts of the world and I have seen that in comparison, we in this country have been given a great gift. It is easy to understand why so many people have sought to come to this country and we have had a history and willingness of providing them entry and giving them the opportunity that exists to those who truly want to come to this land and make a difference.

Giving from the Heart

Out of the heart will flow rivers of living water. This is a passage that I have come to understand has a deeper meaning that directs me in my desire to give. There are treasures that we store up within our hearts and how we view those treasures reveals our willingness and desire to give from the heart as we allow the rivers of living water to flow. The treasures that are stored in our heart are a direct reflection of who we are in this world. That which we cherish the most is what is stored in our hearts and opening our hearts to share our treasures with others is an act of unselfish giving.

Treasures were meant to shared with other and not hoarded. Sharing our treasure with others reveals that we have an understanding that what we have been given has been provided not only for our benefit but to provide benefit for others that we have the opportunity to create impact into their life.

Ten Percent

We are told that the proper amount to give is 10%. I have discovered that what we must give includes both financial giving and the giving our time. The time that we have is the one gift that we receive that once it is gone can never be replaced. The time that we have needs to be used wisely and getting the most out of the time that we have means that we need to be willing and ready to give of our time in a way that displays that we value those who we have given of our time to serve them. Time with combined with our financial gifts of giving displays what is flowing from our heart.

When we receive our money and time with an open hand and are willing to give, we are rewarded by our creator. When we receive our financial gifts and time with a closed hand, that as well is seen by our creator. When we allow both to flow freely, we are given more but failure to do so has a direct impact upon what we will receive.

When it comes to giving, the sad reality is that too many of us are living beyond our means. We have more outgoing then is coming in. We seem to have more month than we have the ability to cover the month fully. Living a life in this manner impacts our ability to give and we have no margin in our life. We were never created to live a life with no margin. Our creator made certain of that when He created the Day of Sabbath. This was created for you and me to build margin into our life. This was created so that the margin we have enables us to become givers of what we have.

Giving More

My favorite parable as it relates to the act of giving is the Parable of the Talents. 3 were given varying degrees of talents and told to use them. The one who was given 5 was able to produce 5 more. The one who was given 2 was able to produce 2 more. In the parable, both workers were equally recognized for their ability to give of their means. The one who was excoriated was the one who was only given 1 talent and chose to do nothing with his measure. He was removed from the sight of the master who gave this talent.

It does not matter how much we have, the lesson from this parable is clear. Regardless of what we have, we are to use those gifts and extend those gifts to others through what we have to give.

As we continue upon the path of decency, recognize what it is you have to offer and give to others. That is an act that is always rewarded.



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