Rhino Logic, My Personal Manifesto and Mission Statement

Rob Fenstermaker
5 min readOct 10, 2019


Understanding the direction that I desire to move my life has provided clarity.


A herd of rhino’s is known as a crash. As they move across the African Savanna, it is obvious to an astute observer as to the path they travelled. The imprint that the herd leaves as they crash down their respective path changes the landscape as the mark that has been left by their presence is purposeful and intentional. The crash of rhino’s makes a difference in whatever or whoever happens to be in their path.

In my time spent on this side of the dirt, I have come to understand that life is nothing more then a series of opportunities in which I can leave a mark in the lives that I crash into as I move upon the path that has been laid before me. I have realized the deepest meaning in my life when I have treated those opportunities that I have to leave a mark and forever change the life of someone who happens to be on the same path as my life crashes into theirs. I have discovered that my greatest motivation is of an eternal nature as I allow myself to be guided by the promises of a great Creator. One of the greatest promises that has been provided that when I commit myself to His being that He will always be with me. He stands with me in those opportunities as I crash into the life of someone else. I allow Him to take charge of those opportunities so that I can become an effective witness during a crash opportunity.

I have seen many struggle to understand how their life can possibly have a deeper meaning. They force themselves to go through the motions of life only to listen to the lies that the world tells them. I have seen many become disillusioned after years of living the lies of the world as they watch the pillars of what they believed to be true about society crumble around them. They are laid bare by the realization that that which they believed to be true was in fact a lie. I have watched them go to great lengths to try to discover exactly who they are and what is life supposed to mean.

I allowed myself to go down that same path of lies that the world tells. I allowed those lies to lead me down a path of selfishness and self-indulgence. I believed that lie that selfishness and self-indulgence states that I can become my own god. In believing that lie, I moved down a path that weakened my relationships with those most important to me. I had anger and frustration with where I was in my life. The relationship that I had with my wife became strained and I believe that if I had continued down that same path, the woman who means the world to me would no longer be a part of my life.


Then a crash happened. I had some people crash into my life. I was a firsthand witness to how their lives were different in some way. I was able to see how they conducted theirs lives and had a peace about themselves. They allowed their crash opportunities to leave their imprint and impact on my life.

As I understood that I am not my own god that the world would have me to believe, I sought out the answers to what is the real meaning of life. I began to understand just how deceitful the lies the world asked me to believe were. There exist truths in this life that have stood the test of time. I began to explore those truths and understand that they are the foundation of what life should be built upon. I allowed those truths to be the cornerstone of my life and I began to realize true meaning and purpose. This happened because someone intentionally crashed into my life at the time when I needed it the most.

I allowed these truths to become part of every aspect of my life. I discovered more promises that created deep meaning in my life. One of the great lies that the world tries to have us believe is that we are not unique and cannot make a difference. Those in the history of this world who have sought power only to benefit themselves have been able to leverage the lies of the world for enslavement. An ancient people were forced to make bricks for a slave driving master. These bricks represented uniformity and sameness. It was not until they were taken away from their situation that they then realized this lie. They were shown their uniqueness firsthand when they were commanded to make an altar of stones. Each of those stones were unique from the other.

Stones I discovered were part of another promise. That promise is that I will be provided with my own unique white stone upon which will be inscribed a secret name that has been given to me when I live my life based upon the eternal truths. I have come to understand that I can start to have those names revealed to me as I live my life with an intentional purpose. I have embraced those names that my Creator has give to me. I know that He sees something far greater in me than I can ever see. His truths are revealed to me in different ways when I act on those things that can crash into the life of someone else. This change of perspective happened only after someone allowed their life to crash into mine. I now have the responsibility to join that crash of rhino’s as I move down my path to impact others

I have allowed my own crash opportunities to take me to around this world. I have seen how other crash opportunities have changed peoples lives and parts of this world. I have been able to create some of my own crash opportunities like helping to bring freshwater wells to remote villages in third world villages that have never had immediate access to clean, fresh drinking water. Simple crash opportunities like that can forever change the life of someone who just happens to be upon that path where that crash of rhino’s has chosen trod upon.

In your life, adopt that rhino logic and be prepared to crash into the life of someone to create an eternal impact. In so doing, you will discover true meaning to life.

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