Living the C of a CRASH Life

Change is Needed

A life lived within a static manner is never changing. A static life reminisces about the “good ole days” and has made their vision of what they have believed their past to be their idol. They continue to look back and hang onto the idea of what life was like and what my life could have been. They continue to replay their past events over and over in hopes that those past events may one day come back.

Learning from Failure

Failure can be a valuable life lesson, provided we choose to embrace it and not reject it. When we fail, it is the opportunity to create more certainty in our life when we examine the failure in its full context. Failure can provide to us deep life lessons if we are open to an understanding of the reason we failed and the lessons that we can learn from the incident. The person who states that they have never failed is the same person who has never attempted to change some aspect of their life. They are content with their comfort and lack of growth. Those are the people that are the true cowards of life as they are unwilling to live out their life to its fullest and use their gift of life to impact others.

The Simple Question We Need to Ask

Understanding the certainty that we have in our life is obtained by a deeper understanding of the values that we hold in our life. Each of us has values that are core to who we are. Those values come from life experience, family, and the prism that we view the world. Reigniting our core values is how we can take our stand in life and begin to let the world see the certainty that we have in our beliefs. Digging deep into who we are can bring about doubt and pain but that is what happens in the process of growth. We wonder are we heading in the right direction with what we have to offer the world but the bigger question we need to ask ourselves is what do I want? This simple question requires some digging deep into the treasure that we have deep within us.

What if?

The certainty that I have realized in my goal is that I desire to serve others upon their journey. With that certainty, I have developed the clarity of what that means. I know that to do so, I must provide that space for others with an empathetic listening ear. I, like many, have too been in those situations in life that brought no joy. I have worked for those organizations that attempt to state one thing with regards to engagement, but the engagement that they preach is only one sided. They attempt to lead via intimidation and bullying which creates the opposite of what they state that they hold as their core values. I know the feeling of being under that “boss” who is only able to manage and not lead. They fail to inspire and only intimidate. I know the feeling of being defeated before the day even starts.



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Rob Fenstermaker

Rob Fenstermaker

A recent empty nester just trying to figure out this stage of life with the woman I love while sharing our fondness for travel.