Life should never be microwaved!

Rob Fenstermaker
2 min readDec 14, 2021


This technological world in which we live demands an immediate return on anything that we invested our time and money in, however, any return we get from our microwaved technology only leaves us wanting more.

Allowing our life to marinate and slow roast brings a far greater return.

I consider myself an amatuer foodie as I am a bit of an adventure eater. I enjoy experiencing different cuisines and the flavors of these cuisines.

My favorite dish is Ossobuco. If you’ve never experienced this great Italian dish, you don’t know what you’re missing. What makes it so great is that it takes time to prepare.

When I have the opportunity to enjoy this dish, I’m able to envision the chef taking attention to detail to ensure that their creation is memorable to those who partake. I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve had it at a fine Italian restaurant. Each bite is a taste explosion.

What does all this have to do with Life? Too many of us expect a new life to bring immediate change and get frustrated when we might not see immediate results. We want our life microwaved instead of a slow roast. The expectation is immediate success!

As I’m building my Life Coaching business, I need it to be a success but more importantly, I need it to create significance. Success can be microwaved, however, significance takes time. It needs attention to detail. It needs an intentional action to create something that extends beyond us. Significance is my ultimate goal as I want to see others live their life to its fullest.

Just as Ossobuco would not be enjoyable coming out of a microwave, our life takes on a deeper meaning when we allow it to marinate.

What type of life do you want, one that is microwaved or one that is prepared with attention to detail?

You need to make your choice! Let’s chat!



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