Does your passion still burn?

Rob Fenstermaker
3 min readFeb 2, 2022


You may have heard the news that brought a great level of discussion in the sports world that Tom Brady had made the decision to retire. If you are not aware of who Tom Brady is, he is considered the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) quarterback in the history of the National Football League.

If you have ever followed his career, it was clear the one thing that drove him to this greatness was his passion. His passion led him to 7 wins in 10 appearances in the Super Bowl Championship.

In his announcement of his retirement, he mentioned that the game of football needs to be a 100% effort. He believed that he could no longer provide that 100% effort. Since he was no longer able to be all in, he decided it was the best time for him to step away from the game.

It was time for him to decide.

The word decide is a verb but more importantly the suffix -cide comes from the Latin word “caedere” which in Latin means “to cut off”. To decide something means that we have made a choice of options in effect cutting one off from our choices.

This reminded me of the time in which the greatest job that I ever held came to an end I could no longer be I that position and was forced into a promotion. I absolutely love that job as I knew that I was making an impact in the lives I was able to touch.

While the new position offered different challenges, one that thing that I lacked while in that position was a passion. I had moved my perspective of my life to other areas. I know that I would be able to make a difference in these new paths that I asway for me life. I struggled with the lack of passion that I felt for my new position.

I knew that I had to decide.

I knew that it was time to be honest with myself and those who had put their trust in me.

I owed them my best, but I knew that I could no longer give my best. It was in that moment of reflection that I knew that the time had arrived, and I was my time to step away and step onto a new path.

Is it time for you to decide?

Too many of us avoid making decisions out of a fear of loss. Deciding upon a direction can have a profound effect as when we decide to do something, we are moving towards a change. Change can bring about uncertainty which can create a level of uncomfortableness, but it is that space of being uncomfortable that we experience new personal growth.

There are many who want to change their life but are unable to choose change. The irony is that by choosing not to decide, they have decided to remain the same. They allow their failure to decide to create pain in their life and it is not until the pain of their same exceeds their pain of change do, they act.

Is today the day in which you decide?

Are you ready for your new journey?

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